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themed shows

"A rose sprouted from the dragon's blood ...".


Itinerant show in height that represents the legend of the gentleman Jordi.

Characters in stilts and fully sounded show.


King, princess, knight Jordi, Dragon, are some of the characters you can witness in this show.

llegenda de sant jordi
sant jordi 2.jpg

Cultural and multidisciplinary slave selling with characters from different cultures and with different skills that will delight those most daring buyers.

Musicians, lectums, dancers, singers ...

The most outstanding slaves of the whole empire will be sold by one of the most famous merchants of the empire.

slave selling

The empowerment of witches.

Fire show with a static part and another itienerant part with mobile structures and diabolical characters.

Empowered witches, demons, projections, percussion and music that delights the audience.


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